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5.8 – What are rehabilitation-related outcome measures that can be useful for people living with HIV in SSA?

This section provides information about outcome measures that are relevant for rehabilitation providers to use when providing care to people living with HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa. The measures are organized by the construct that they measure.  Detailed information about each is provided including a description and how to access it.

5.8.1 – Activities of Daily Living

5.8.2 – Coping Response

5.8.3 – Depression

5.8.4 – Fatigue

5.8.5 – Health-related quality of life

5.8.6 – Presence and bothersome nature of symptoms

5.8.7 – Self-management self-efficacy

5.8.8 – Social Support

5.8.9 – Stigma

5.8.10 – Stress