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How can the resource be used?

This resource is designed for use either:

  • as a whole or
  • by section depending on the specific learning needs of the user.

Each section can be used online or downloaded as a PDF file.

The online format allows readers to navigate around the resource to find specific content as needed. Links to additional resources are provided throughout so that readers can access further information.

Can this resource be used for teaching?

  • Yes!
  • This resource is designed to be used widely for teaching others, including:
    • Rehabilitation students
    • Practicing rehabilitation providers
    • Community rehabilitation workers, community health workers or home-based carers
    • Other health or social service providers
    • People living with HIV and their caregivers

This resource is intended to be shared with as broad a range of stakeholders as appropriate. Use of these materials is encouraged!

This resource may be reprinted and distributed in its entirety for non-commercial purposes without permission.

Permission must be obtained to excerpt and/or edit the content or to use the resource for commercial purposes. Use this form to request permission: