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3.1 – What are the rehabilitation interventions that address impairments common among people living with HIV?

3.1.8: Functions of the skin and related structures

People living with HIV may experience impairments related to the skin and related structures. Impairments may be caused by viral, fungal or bacterial infections. Kaposi’s sarcoma commonly affects the skin.

Rehabilitation interventions include psychosocial rehabilitation, advice on skin care and exercises. Potential causes of these impairments and rehabilitation interventions are shown in the table below.

Table 3.1.8: Clinical Aspects of Skin Impairments

Impairments Possible Etiologies Rehabilitation Interventions9
(for details, see Section 3.3)

Skin lesions (including cold sores, rashes, and warts)

Herpes simplex and other viral infections

Kaposi’s sarcoma

Skin infections


Molluscum contagiosum, folliculitis,seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and tinea, caused by viral, bacterial and fungal infections

9Choice of rehabilitation interventions will depend on patient assessment and available resources.